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Salon Review: Ambushed Salon, Columbus, OH

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I'll admit that I've been going to the same stylist for 18 years now. She is one of my favorite people in the whole world. I look forward to seeing her every few months when I go for my quarterly cut and color. That said, there's been a buzz in my ear ever since fully committing to the curly girl life about a salon in Columbus called Ambushed. Unlike pretty much every salon on the block, this place eats, breathes, sleeps and LIVES curly hair. The brainchild of the adorable and highly sought after Amy Bush, it is a salon made for those who embrace their natural beauty. In other words, if flat irons are your friend, this ain't the place for you. After having two good friends recommend a visit, I decided to take the plunge.

Ambushed, 16 W. Poplar Ave, Columbus Ohio 

Amy Bush, Founder and Curl Specialist 

The salon is located in one of my favorite places in downtown Columbus called The Short North. Upon driving up, I realized I've literally walked or driven past this place dozens of times and never paid attention to what I was missing. Silly me!

When I entered, I was immediately drawn to the vintage decor and open, high ceilings. The stylist chairs are scattered throughout the salon in an asymmetrical way that fits perfectly with the architecture of the building. I was greeted upon entering and sat on a cute little vintage couch for a few moments until my stylist was ready to see me.
Mandi Gage, curl specialist

When Mandi greeted me, I could tell immediately I was going to like her. She already had two solid referrals in her favor, but her personality was excellent. As we approached the chair, she asked me what I was wanting from today's cut.

I decided before walking through the door that if I was going to have the Ambushed experience, I was going to have it all the way. I'm a control freak who doesn't like to leave the fate of my precious hair to another person, much less a person I just met, but I didn't drive down here to take control, I drove here to give the control to an expert, and so.... here we were.

After a thorough inspection of my hair, Mandi told me that a) I'm using products that are too heavy for my hair and b) if I wanted more curl, I was going to need some more layers. She then asked me the question every control freak LOVES to hear....."How much am I allowed to take off?"

OHhhhhhhhhh sweet lawd and hallelujah, I wanted to say "Nothing! Just a trim!" But I didn't. I said, "How about a couple of inches?" knowing full well she was going to take more, but whatever. I'm letting go.

After a co-wash with some delicious-smelling product and a head massage that I really, really could use EVERY morning before work (I swear, not one single kid I teach would annoy me all day if I had one of these massages daily) she started to cut. And cut SHE DID. In what I can only describe from my lack of knowledge as "slicing," she cut away quite a bit of my hair and added some layers that allowed my waves to start really CURLING. She even managed to get my awkward bangs (that I'm trying to grow in) to cooperate. The results? FABULOUS!

Me, post-cut, minus a few inches, plus a LOT of extra curl and body.

I am so glad I went in with an open mind and let the magic happen. My experience at Ambushed was absolutely a positive one and I'm sporting one of the best cuts I've ever had.

The question is, will I be back? Already scheduled my next appointment, thank you very much. As for my regular stylist? She will continue to do my color, of which I am in desperate need, and I will be getting next weekend.

BOTTOM LINE: If you're committed to the curl lifestyle, and you have access to a place full of curl experts, seek someone out and give them a try. I'm so glad I finally gave Ambushed a try and I hope to make them my new home. 

OH! And products... 

I picked up both of these aloe-based all-natural products at the salon, but they are tough to find anywhere online. I linked their sites so that you can look for a local place to purchase. 

Live in the Columbus area? Check out the Ambushed website and get info on scheduling an appointment.

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