Saturday, August 15, 2015

Product Review : DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler

Posted by Jen Lennox at 12:17 PM

Hello, readers!

I apologize for the lack of posts this month, I'm a school teacher by trade and we started back this week. It's been exhausting and time-consuming getting ready, but I'm one of those lucky folks who loves my job so it never really feels like "work" to me!

Back to curly business...

If you are a DevaCurl follower, you know that for about the past month they have been pumping up the release of their new styler, SUPERCREAM. This styler is marketed towards those with course, dry curls who need extra moisture to amp up their curl pattern. I'll admit that when I first heard about SuperCream I thought it wasn't going to be for me, it seemed more for those with type 4 curls or dry, transitioning ethnic hair. Still, my curiosity was piqued. 

As with any new product release, there is often a lack of supply with demand, so I was not expecting to get my hands on this stuff for at least another month, but to my surprise my ULTA store had some on hand, so I swooped in and picked up some.

Although I generally try to stay with drugstore products and prices as much as possible, there are some things that are just plain WORTH the money. With the way this product was marketed and my genuine love of all things Deva, I thought I should at least try it once and see if it was worth repurchasing.

Before applying the SuperCream to my hair, I did my routine as normal: my weekly low-poo (DevaCurl Low Poo), rinse out conditioner (SheaMoisture Curl and Shine) and leave-in (Kinky Curly Knot Today). I then applied about 5 total pumps of SuperCream to my entire head (using one pump for each section and one last pump to flip my head over and scrunch). 

I am used to using gel, and have had excellent luck with gels, so I am used to the hard hold I get from a gel. I knew I would not be getting that with this product, but it claims to give moisture, definition and hold so I didn't layer anything else with it.

I plopped into my Jac-o-Net as usual and sat under my hooded dryer for about 15 minutes as I usually do. I then took the net out and sat under the dryer to let my curls start to dry completely.

Within about 10 minutes, with my hair still half-damp I could tell that this was not going to be good enough as as stand-alone product. My curls had some frizz and were not being held in place the way they were with gel, so I got up and scrunched a couple of handfuls of DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam into my half-wet hair. This was just enough to give me a little more hold, so I went back under the dryer.

Once my hair was fully dry, I saw a marked reduction in the frizz and dryness I've been fighting against lately. But... how will my hair look on day 2? That was the question.

I "Pineappled" my hair that night and woke up the next morning. To my surprise, my curls were defined, soft and still full of body. 

This is my Day 2 hair after using SuperCream with Volumizing Foam. I am definitely happy with these results!

Will I repurchase this cream? Maybe. Like I said, $28 is steep for a styling product. I'm not sure how long it will last, which is a big factor for me. If your'e on the fence, it is WORTH TRYING, without question. After I've used up the whole bottle, I'll let you know if I still love it.

Have you gotten your hands on this stuff? What do you think?



Sam Ofiara said...

I just got a sample of this and haven't tried it because I worried it may be too heavy...think I'm gonna try it now!

Sam Ofiara said...

I just got a sample of this and haven't tried it because I worried it may be too heavy...think I'm gonna try it now!

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