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When You Buy A Product You HATE...

Posted by Jen Lennox at 2:21 PM
Whether you've been embracing curls for years or your journey has just begun, there will come a day when you race to the store eager to try a new product that everyone's been raving about only to come home and find out a) it doesn't work on your hair at all, b) it smells terrible and you can't see yourself ever using it again, c) the consistency/texture grosses you out or d) all of the above.

It will happen. Sometimes, right off the bat. Sometimes, not for a while...but it will happen. It's disappointing, and then you're probably stuck with your hair looking terrible for a least a day, if not two, because you don't want to re-wash when you just washed and have to start from scratch. 

I write this today because it just happened to me, and I've been having so many GREAT product experiences lately that I'd almost forgotten what it's like when you feel like you wasted your money on a dud. 


I have read reviews about this product and SO MANY PEOPLE swear it's one of the best. I am completely hooked on the Curl and Shine Conditioner from this line so I figured I'd fall in love with this product as well. Didn't happen. My curls looked horrible, were heavy and weighed down and didn't curl up nearly the same way they usually do. I was SUPER bummed this was a fail, but I hated everything about it: the texture (sticky, slimy, and gritty), the smell and the way it just plain DID NOT WORK AT ALL with my hair texture. Luckily, I bought at Sally Beauty Supply and they allowed me to exchange it, no questions asked.

SO... here are some tips for when these situations come your way:


Here's the deal: Realistically, you're not going to love every product you try. What you don't want to end up with is a graveyard full of unused product that amounts to a lot of wasted money and storage space. There's no shame in returning, and you ABSOLUTELY should return things that don't work for you. Don't feel guilty, that is why return policies are in place. But, not all retailers are the same when it comes to returning products that have been used. Sally Beauty Supply, Ulta and Target have great return policies. So far, I've had my best experiences with these 3 retailers but I'm sure there are more out there. 


This whole curly lifestyle is about experimenting. Nobody's hair is exactly the same and every hair type responds differently to products. What works for me may be terrible for you, and vice versa. Sharing our good and bad experiences with products is a great way to learn, and part of that learning process involves trying all kinds of different products, methods and techniques. You'll NEVER know how much potential your hair has until you give it the opportunity to see how it responds to different ingredients. So... get out there and try new things! The world is your oyster. Have fun with it.


I love Kinky Curly Curling Custard. It's one of my favorite stylers. Once summer hit, my curls were going limp and I couldn't figure out why. I did some research and found out it's loaded with humectants. In low humidity, these were working in my favor, keeping moisture in my hair. In high humidity, they were overdoing their job and making my hair a mess of limp, sticky curls. A switch to a lower humectant styler reinvigorated my curls, but I'd have never known what the problem was if I hadn't looked into it. Check out discussion forums (CurlTalk Forums are the best!) and read product reviews. It helps immensely and keeping you from making the same mistake over and over.

Even if its a matter of exchanging and trying a new product, ending up with a product you hate after trying it is a bummer. Your'e not alone! This is a necessary part of the journey. Through the various curl profiles you'll be reading about as we progress, you'll meet women who have gone through it all and who are still going through the steps to making EVERY DAY a good hair day. We're all in it together.


Anastasia Wildcraft said...

I had the same experience with that product and apparently it has a steep learning curve. MahoganyCurls has a Youtube video demonstrating how she uses it. She just taps the surface of it with the pad of a fingertip a few times and applies only that much of it to small sections at a time.

I have other stylers that work without having to section like that, so I use a little of it to recoil strands that have gone to frizz if I don't want to re-wet.

Jen Moore said...

@Anastasia, what's your go-to styler? Curious what works well for you. I have a friend with type 4c hair who tried As I Am Coiling Gel (I think that's what it's called) and absolutely HATED IT. She can't get gels to work on her hair at all so she sticks with mousse. I'd love to get some good gel recommendations for her, or maybe for that kind of hair gel just isn't the way to go.

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