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Product Review: Hooded Dyers - A Good Investment?

Posted by Jen Lennox at 2:37 PM
As many of you know, a short while ago, after MUCH reading and contemplating, I took the financial plunge into purchasing a hooded hair dryer. To me, this is for serious curly girls only. This is commitment: financial and spatial, because this mamba jamba isn't small and is going to take up some space in your home.

You're also going to look like Voltron when you're using it. 

My husband actually texted me that picture of Voltron while I was sitting under my dryer reading my Facebook feed. He's a delight. Yes, you may get some giggles out of your husband and children. Women all over the world have done far more ridiculous things in the name of beauty. Just saying.

I do my best to give you the most economical ways to go about this lifestyle because let's face it, when you're going to have to repurchase a product over and over, it would be ideal if that product didn't break the bank every time you have to buy it. Buying products should be fun, not stressful. You'll notice I don't peddle expensive salon brands often. Not to say that they aren't wonderful (products like DevaCurl and Jessicurl, etc. are amazing but pricey), but this blog is meant for the average woman on a budget, not those with unlimited funds.

THAT SAID.... if I recommend something over $100, EVER, know that I believe it's absolutely worth every penny. Which brings me to this dryer:

I've been using this dryer for almost a month now, and let me tell you, it is the most valuable purchase I've made for my curly hair thus far. A year ago, my husband and I saw one similar to this on sale at Sally Beauty Supply and he told me I should get it. I told him I didn't want to spend that kind of money. I've been eating crow since the day this majestic beauty entered the house, because he was SO RIGHT and I was SO DUMB not to just get one of these when I had the opportunity. That being said, it's better late than never, so let me give you some reasons why I believe anyone on the fence should invest in a hooded dryer:


Unlike your Shampoos, Conditioners, Serums, Creams, Gels, Mousses, etc., which need to be purchased over and over, this only needs to be purchased once. All of us, even on a budget, are going to spend around $100 in product over a 6 month period. Purchasing a hooded dryer will last years and will make the job of drying your curls easier on you EVERY time you wash. When you break it down, this is actually a pretty good financial investment.


We are busy people. From the moment we wake up until the moment we crash into bed, we are running. There's not a woman I know who wouldn't be happy with 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted time to just RELAX without interruptions. Think about it: unless you air dry, you're going to spend 15-20 minutes in front of a mirror with a hair dryer and diffuser getting your curls to behave. Having a hooded dryer allows you to spend that 15-20 minutes in a chair, reading, drinking coffee, etc. while the dryer does the work. One of the nicest parts about having one of these is knowing once I get out of the shower I'm going have a little down time before I have to get ready to go out. Worth $100? You betcha.


The hair dryer/diffuser combo is an excellent alternative, but can and does create frizz that a hooded dryer does not. By plopping curls into a Jac-O-Net hair net (NOT a t-shirt, hair will not dry well at all through t-shirt material), your hair is held in place and allowed to dry without any friction from the hair dryer. Also, when using a dryer/diffuser combo, most of us hold the diffuser underneath our hair facing upward while dropping our curls into the cupped end of the diffuser. This causes air to blow in the opposite direction, causing some frizz even with the best products. I've used a diffuser for 18 years and I would absolutely still use it if I'm traveling or don't have access to my hooded dryer, but I get far less frizz now and I love it.

If you're on the fence, I absolutely recommend picking up one of these. Brand name doesn't really matter (in my opinion), as long as it's a good quality dryer for the right price. Shop around. has many different kinds of dryers available, many of which are available through Prime with free 2-day shipping. You may even get lucky and find a good deal at a beauty supply. If you're committed to living the curly life, this will be one of the few expensive purchases you'll make that will pay off for years to come.



Maria Dentino said...

So do you dry with the Jac-O-Net the whole time or do you take it off part way through? That's amazing that it only takes 15-20 min even when the hair is piled up like that. I think a hooded dryer is going on my birthday list.

Jen Moore said...

Well, I usually shower at night so my hair has to be almost completely dry before bed. If I was showering in the morning it would take a little less time, I could leave the house with my hair not 100% dry.

I plop with the Jac-O-Net for about 20 minutes under the dryer, then take it down and dry it the rest of the way. That can be like, 15 mins maybe? I use the high heat setting and just sort of angle myself in different places to get all of my hair. Sometimes I lose track of time b/c I'm on my phone or watching something, but yeah, I do it that way.

Also, your hair doesn't have to be soaking wet when you do this like it does if you're using a diffuser. I use my DevaTowel and scrunch out a lot more moisture, then apply product. I think that also cuts down on my drying time.

The way I see it, those real expensive hand-held dryers (like the T3 or the DevaCurl Dryer/Diffuser combo) cost as much if not MORE than a hooded dryer, and you still have to do all the work yourself!! If you end up getting one, come back and let me know what you think!

Maria Dentino said...

Just saw this response Jen -- thanks!

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