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Curly Girl Profile: Sherri (2B)

Posted by Jen Lennox at 6:13 PM
Curly Girl Profile: Sherri (2B)

Sherri has super fine natural waves that she's struggled to control for a while. After a recent cut, she decided to try the "plop" method with a T-shirt and is in the process of switching to the CG method. Here's Sherri, in her own words:

How would you describe your curl pattern?

How would you describe your porosity?
   Low to medium porosity

How would you describe the density of your hair?
   Medium density

Are you following the CG method (no sulfates, silicones, etc.)?
    I just started today.  
Sherri, pre-cut

What product do you use to cleanse or Cowash your hair?

    Today I used Garnier Fructis Pure Clean conditioner.  

What product do you use as a rinse-out conditioner?

    I just purchased some Shea Moisture Mango & Carrot Kids Extra-Nourishing Conditioner.  My hair is SUPER fine, so I was looking for something that was not made for thick or coarse hair.

If you use a leave-in conditioner, what product do you use?
  I do not as of now.

What styling product(s) do you use?

DevaCurl Light Defining Gel

Describe your wash day regimen:

Today I co-washed with Garnier Fructis Pure Clean conditioner, I plopped for about 20-25 minutes using a t-shirt and then air-dried.  I’m pretty certain that the plopping and air-drying will be my go-to routine, I just need to figure out how long to plop to get the best results.  

Describe your refresh day regimen:

I haven’t done this yet.  

What’s the biggest challenge you face having naturally curly hair?

With curly/wavy hair that is so fine, frizz and flyaways are my biggest day to day issues.  It’s also hard to find products that don’t completely weigh down my hair.  I’ve found in the past that products marked for kids seem to work best for me, so hopefully this Shea Moisture kids line will work for me.  

What’s the best thing you’ve discovered by going natural?

My hair already feels so much softer and healthier!



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