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Curly Girl Profile: Sara (2B)

Posted by Jen Lennox at 12:45 PM
Curly Girl Profile: Sara (2B)

Sara is not currently using the CG method, but has been reading Jen's Curly Mess for a short while and would like to try it. While still using her regular products, she's adopted some of the curl techniques I've written about (Condish and Squish, less heat styling, etc). and her curls are still looking pretty great! I would love to do an update on Sara when she's been doing CG for a while and see the difference in her curls. Here's Sara, in her own words:

How would you describe your curl pattern?   
  I am a 2B

How would you describe your porosity?
   I have medium porosity.

How would you describe the density of your hair?
   I have medium density.

Are you following the CG method (no sulfates, silicones, etc.)?

   No, but i want to!  I am honestly waiting until I run out of my current products and then plan to make the change.  I have stopped brushing and combing my hair.  I have also stopped blow drying and heat styling my hair for the most part.

What product do you use to cleanse or Cowash your hair?

   I am using the Suave family of products right now but wouldn't recommend them.
Describe your wash day regimen:

    I currently wash with shampoo every other or every two days.  I use conditioner every day and use the Condish and Squish method that you blogged about back in May.  Once out of the shower I let me wet hair rest for a moment then I squish in my product.  After a few more minutes, I gently squish my curls with a towel.  Most days i hair pin my bangs back but other days I will use the cool and low setting on my hair dryer to style only my bangs.  Then I just let my hair air-dry.

Describe your refresh day regimen:

On days that I do not wash, I simply cup and squish water into my curls.  Then, if needed, I will also squish some additional product into my hair.

What’s the biggest challenge you face having naturally curly hair?

Frizz and the lack of uniformity in my curls.  Since I am more wavy than curly I use to love using a curling iron on my hair to help uniform my curls.  I love curly hair and will rarely if ever straighten it.  I personally do not like the way I look with straight hair.  When I was younger my mom even had my hair permed to help it have uniformed curls.

What’s the best thing you’ve discovered by going natural?

I spend much less time thinking about how to style my hair.  I just let it be.  It makes getting ready less stressful.

Any advice you have for others with similar hair to your own?

Your hair is beautiful just the way it is.  Stop worrying about frizz and uniformity.  Once you let it be more natural those “issues” will get better!

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