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Curly Girl Profile: Allie (3B)

Posted by Jen Lennox at 3:42 PM
Curly Girl Profile: Allie (3B)

I've known Allie's mom, Lisa, for many years. Lisa has smooth, silky blonde hair and Allie has exactly the opposite! I have SERIOUS curl envy every time I see a picture of this little one and her gorgeous curls. Taking care of a child's hair can be such a challenge. They are active, impatient and by the end of the day, their hair often ends up in a ponytail. However, learning curl care at a young age is a beautiful thing. I truly hope Allie appreciates her natural beauty for years to come! Here's how Allie's mama helps keep her curls gorgeous.

How would you describe Allie's curl pattern?

How would you describe her porosity?   
High porosity

How would you describe the density of her hair?
Medium density

Are you following the CG method (no sulfates, silicones, etc.)?

Not yet

What product do you use to cleanse or Cowash Allie's hair?

Pantene truly natural Co-Wash

What styling product(s) do you use on Allie?

Curly Q’s Moist Curls Moisturizer Leave-In Detangler 

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Frizz-Free Curl Mousse

Describe Allie's wash day regimen:

Co-Wash with pantene, detangle with Curly Q, add Shea Moisture Mousse and let air dry.

Describe her refresh day regimen:

Curly Q detangler and more shea moisture mousse

What’s the biggest challenge Allie faces having naturally curly hair?

Finding the correct products for Allie’s hair since it is so different than my own and keeping the frizz and curls under control and the tangles out after the first day. Very rarely does she wear her hair down because with running and playing they get tangled and frizzy easily. It’s usually in a “poofy” ponytail, pigtails, or braids to manage the styles better for school and activities.

Any advice you have for others with similar hair to Allie's?

As a mother with straight hair to a child with natural curls be patient. It’s a huge learning curve and going to take a lot of trial and error to get it right. We’re still trying new products and learning new things after seven years.  I’ve found it’s also very important to teach her to love and embrace her curls as she sees so many people (myself included) of all races with straight hair that she wants hers straight often. My goal over the next few years before she becomes a teenager is to teach her that her natural curls are beautiful and there is no need to straighten them to be pretty!

Allie and her beautiful mom, Lisa



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