Thursday, June 18, 2015

Method Test: Plopping with a T-shirt

Posted by Jen Lennox at 3:33 PM
For months, I've been encouraged by other Curly Girls to try the PLOPPING method. I've watched countless Youtube Videos that made it seem so easy, but for some odd reason I still haven't bothered to try it... until now. 

I had nothing to do this afternoon where very many people would see me, so I CoWashed, conditioned and styled when I woke up this morning. The videos I've watched suggest that you can actually plop before bed and sleep with the T-shirt on, which is something I plan to try and post results on at another time. Today, I plopped for 40 minutes and I LOVED MY RESULTS. I was able to air-dry the rest of my hair and my curls didn't look any different than they do when I use a hairdryer and diffuser. In fact, it may have looked slightly better. Definitely less frizz, and the best part? No soaking wet hair dripping water down my back after a shower. Once my products were applied, I instantly plopped my curls and watched TV with a cup of coffee in my hand. It was fabulous.

SO: HOW DO YOU PLOP? Check out this YOUTUBE Video. If you're following the CG method you do NOT want to use the products this girl is using. You also DO NOT want to comb anything through your hair, and you don't want to towel dry your hair like she does. Basically ignore everything except the part where she puts her hair in a T-shirt, because CG girls know not to use terrycloth towels and combs. :)

I did my hair plop the exact same way she did, and here are my 40-minute results: 

My advice? Give this a try. You may need to experiment with your styling product and length of time. My normal gel worked great, but if I did an overnight plop I am not certain my curls would look as good as they did. Also, length of hair doesn't seem to matter when using this approach. Even with hair shorter than mine, I would imagine a curl boost would occur. Are you a plopper? What products work best for you?


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