Monday, May 25, 2015

Product Review: DevaCurl - is it worth the hype?

Posted by Jen Lennox at 7:38 PM
Since I made the decision to stop heat styling for the foreseeable future, I'm starting to really pay attention to the products I'm using and if they are really working. I'm curious about what works for other girls like me, and I'd be happy to give other "holy grail" products a try if anyone out there has a recommendation.

Today I'll be doing a product review on the DevaCurl line of products. I have not tried them all, but I have tried several, so I'm going to give my feedback in the hopes that it may help anyone on the fence.

After reading The Curly Girl Handbook, I became an instant devotee of Lorainne Massey and her amazing advice. I jumped in feet first with the products sold in her Devachan Salons (a place I hope to visit someday and get a cut of my own, no matter what the cost). I started with the basics and have expanded my collection since. Here we go:

I am definitely a fan of this stuff. It is exactly as described, zero lather. It has a minty smell that makes your scalp tingle every so slightly and I have grown to LOVE the smell of it. I use this to CoWash and scrub my scalp and I've never had even a hint of greasiness even after 2 days of not washing. This was the first product I ever used to CoWash and made me believe in the whole method. If you're not ready to commit to No Poo, there is a Low Poo option. I occasionally still use the Low Poo as my weekly or bi-weekly clarifying treatment.

I am addicted to the smell of this conditioner. I absolutely love it. This product is meant to be used as a rinse-out and is applied to the length of the hair AFTER the No Poo is rinsed out. This conditioner gives me excellent slip and my long, often knotted hair is instantly silky after using it. The downside to this is that I don't know that it would work as well for extremely course or dense hair like it does on mine. I've had great luck with it, but may I have talked to have not. 

Even though I'm trying to cut down on costs (these products are expensive and I have A LOT of hair... like a LOT of hair), I still use this product. It's the only thing I've found that I can use on my dry curls that will tame the frizz and redefine them midday.

DevaCurl Mister Right Curl and Scalp Refresher

This is a great product for rejuvenating style or just refreshing hair with the same Lavender scent as The One Condition. I use this sparingly because of the price tag, but I do like being able to avoid washing if my hair smells from outside sources like camp fires, cooking and other food smells, sweat, etc.

DevaCurl offers dozens of other products, but these are the 4 I have used long term. I've been hooked on the same gel (Kinky Curly Curling Custard) for a long time and I'm not willing to try another one t at this point, so I have not tried the various gel formulations by the Deva line of products. Here is my overall analysis:

PROS: Excellent quality, no need to read labels (they are ALL CG friendly!), effective and do what they claim to do. I really enjoy using these products. I have become accustomed to the smells and my hair is happy when I'm using them. If you have the money, they are a very easy way to follow the CG method to the letter and not worry about any of the "bad stuff" we curlies are supposed to avoid.

CONS: The price tag (single BIGGEST con for me) and not necessarily easy to access for many people. If you're not close to an Ulta or the actual Devachan Salon, you'll be ordering these puppies online UNLESS you can find a local salon that sells them.

If you have a lot of hair, you'll go through a lot of product. And at almost $40 for a liter, you will be forking out a VERY PRETTY PENNY for this stuff. Is it worth it? That's up to you. I DO love the stuff, but I'm currently experimenting with drug store brands to see if I can get the same results. Whether I'll stick with these products depends on what I come to discover in that process.


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