Friday, May 29, 2015

Method Test: Condish and Squish in Action

Posted by Jen Lennox at 6:33 PM
Yesterday I wrote about the method blogged about by Melissa Stites known as "Condish and Squish." I really wish I had a "BEFORE" pic to show you, because yesterday my hair was a hot DISASTER. I didn't do anything different than I normally do, but after spending a few hours outside my hair was a dry, puffy mess. I decided there was no way I can get through the rest of the summer if something doesn't give, so today I gave this method a go. Here's how I did it:

1) Co-Washed with my As I Am Coconut conditioner, as usual.

2) Squirted a liberal amount of Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Conditioner in my hand and ran it through the length of my hair. Usually at this point I use a wide-tooth comb to spread product through my hair, but THIS TIME I only used my fingers. I let the product sit on my hair for a couple of minutes.

3) Instead of rinsing out all of the product, I splashed sections of my hair with warm water and let the conditioner start to run out of my hair and started to scrunch from the bottom.

4) Continued this method until the conditioner was almost washed out, then pumped ONE SMALL PUMP back into my hand and combed it through with my fingers.

5) When I got out of the shower, I used my microfiber towel and scrunched the moisture out of my hair from the bottom. No combs, no more running fingers through my hair. My curls were starting to separate and form naturally at this point.

6) While still soaking wet (but not dripping) I gently applied my Kinky Curly Curling Custard to my hair with my hands, scrunching from the bottom.

7) Diffused about 5-10 minutes.

I've run all over creation today, and it's very hot. I've been in and outside of my car several times. It's in the 80's and it's very humid. And, at the END of my day, after ALL of that, my hair looks like this:

I. AM. SOLD. ON. THIS. METHOD. Yesterday at this time, I was rocking a 1" frizz halo and my curls were dried out and fried. The picture above is usually how I START my day, not how I end it. I absolutely recommend trying this! Let me know if it works for you.


Caylynn said...

I'm liking this method! It works great for my sides and back (sadly my front pieces, so matter what I do, are stringy messes!)

Jen Moore said...

It has worked wonders for my hair as well, I just have to remember to DO it and not do what I've always done. On days I forget, it's obvious!

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